Toy Story Has Landed

The Toy Story is finally here!! Yesss!

So lets start at the top! Personally for me its one of my favourite collections and some of my favourite pieces being Andy's Toys Bag and Keep Em Together Shoes.

So Andy's Toys bag is the same style bag we have seen before for designs like the Pluto Bag and the recent Flounder Bag. Hopefully that gives you an idea of size. It is definitely my favourite bag! 

Reach for the Sky and Sheriff Woody are both mid heels that I think go perfectly with this bag. The Sheriff Woody shoes are the same heel and shape as Razzle Dazzle and Classic Minnie. The Reach for the Sky shoes are the cow print these are the same style and heel as Kanjankas.

On the same theme I think are the one character heel we have. They have Woody as one heel and Buzz as the other heel. With a combination of the fabrics too I think they are perfectly Toy Story!

Mr and Mrs Potato head are my favourite flats! They are called Keep Em Together. Now, I think the detail is perfect! These are the same style and fit as Sulu and other previously Disney shoes. And also the same style and shape as Eternally Grateful Flat shoes.

So to match the Eternally Grateful Flats is a gorgeous pouch to match. It has detail on both sides and is bigger than previous pouches!


There are two other pouches in the collection. Round Up Gang Pouch and Infinity and Beyond Pouch.

Whilst we are talking about small accessories there's a collection of purses, again all detailed on both sides! Get ready for the Pork Chop Purse, Space Ranger Purse, There's a Snake in my Purse and Yeehaw Purse.

Buzz Lightyear obviously features in the collection quite well. Another feature heel is the Buzz and Zorg shoe with the spinning blocks as the heels. This shoe is spectacular! I personally think that due to the platform they are super comfy, when you walk there are a couple of lights that flash down the side of the shoe. And also on the right shoe you have a little button that makes noises. There will be a video on instagram shortly!

As featured in a previous teaser is also the buzz bag, which is  good size clutch bag with a long strap too. It also has lights in the wings that work in a similar way to the nicely festive bag, whereby they have an on and off button and when it is on they flash whenever you hit the bag. 

Buzz is also featured on the Space Ranger Backpack! I love the zip pocket detail on the front so you can put your essentials in Buzz's helmet!

The final piece also featuring Buzz is the I have been chosen trainers. On the same kit as State of Fluz they have similar setting for the lights. On, fast flashing, slow flashing and off. They are also rechargeable via a little charging cable on the inside next to the tongue. This is also where the on off button is. 

The super cute duo Woody and Bullseye feature on these awesome flats called Round up Gang, they are the same shape and sizing as previous styles like Pluto, Fruity Bowl and Ground Control! 

I have two bags left to introduce to you. The first being the Ride like the wind Bag which is the same style and size as King of the Castle and Starry Night etc

I can not believe I have left the Moving Buddies Bag until last!! The mix of Ham, Rex and the purple fluff its just fantastic!! Again with a long strap its the same style and size as styles like Thermidor and Perfect Pose. 

The final piece from the the collection online at Lottie's is the Galactic Round up Tights as seen in a previous teaser.

Now... HAPPY SHOPPING!! Shop Here!