Peony - Irregular Choice Exclusives

Hey guys! 

Lets talk Peony Ban Joes and Nick of Time.. 

I popped a little post out last week asking if anyone wanted to know the story of why we ran this particular colour in Ban Joes and Nick of Times, only because I think this one is particularly fab because I sat on the fabric for SO long! Anyway since we all have a little more time than usual on our hands I thought now was the time to tell you! 

We have done multiple exclusive colour ways over the year now, our most popular to date still being Purple Ban Joes. We are fortunate enough to be able to listen to our fab customers and try our hardest to run a few things we think you'll love. The peony colour was a little more personal though. 

Some of you who we have been friends with for a while now might remember Utterly Faboh from Autumn season in 2017. I fell in love with the glitter. I remembered it for so long just thinking that it would be an incredible fabric to use on our favourite styles, Ban Joes and Nick of Time. 

When i first enquired about running this fabric or similar in Ban Joes and Nick of Time they just asked if there was any fabric left and would you believe the answer? They said yes! So the amounts were decided for us which was easy, so we used the last of the fabric! 

I am so glad that the exact fabric was available and it makes them even more special that the fabric has now been used so they cant be made exactly the same again. The piping colour too that was used with the same rose pink colour.


This rose metallic fabric with also used as the heel covers and bow fabric as the Utterly Faboh as a light pink fluffy heart on the front. 

The fabric is just SO sparkly and beautiful, I think they will look so good in the summertime when the sun catches them! They shine so many different colours too.

Any questions guys let us know! Also you can shop them here.