Muppets by Irregular Choice.. What we know so far...

With the Muppets collection launching in two days time I thought we were due a recap, and I have included a style comparison with sizing advice. Check back on Friday at 12 noon for the full blog that will include all the styles! 

Irregular Choice Animal Heels and Bag  Irregular Choice Kermit Flats and Purse


First up we saw a preview of the Animal Heels and Animal Bag.

Irregular Choice Muppets Animal Heels and Bag

The Animal Bag is simply amazing with his pom-pom nose and feather details. Size is similar to the 'Oh my' bag from the Mickey Mouse & Friends Collection.

Irregular Choice Party Animal Bag

The Animal heels are the same unit as the favourite Flaming June style that we saw in Spring Summer this year. But obviously just missing the ankle strap and the heel has been covered in 'Animal'. (No real animals were harmed in the making though, promise!) The platform makes the chunky heel a lot more manageable!

Irregular Choice Muppets Animal Heels


Next up we got to preview the Miss Piggy Heels and Miss Piggy Heels.

Irregular Choice Muppets Miss Piggy Heels and Bag

The Miss Piggy Bag is similar in size and construction to the Cat Call Bag. Complete with long detachable strap to make sure you can use it where ever you go.

Irregular Choice Muppets Miss Piggy Bag

The Miss Piggy Heels are the same unit at the Poetic License Flower Bee and the new Irregular Choice Miami heel with the ever comfy t-bar fastening. 

Irregular Choice Muppets Miss Piggy Heel


Last but certainly not least, we were shown the preview of the Kermit Flats and Kermit Purse.

Irregular Choice Kermit Flats and Purse

The purse is the iconic Irregular Choice coin purse which can be used day in and day out to brighten up any bag or outfit. Double sided too!

Irregular Choice Muppets Purse

The fabulous Kermit flats are the same unit and therefore should be the same fit as the much loved Ground Control, Travi and Pluto shoes.

Hopefully this will help some of you help chose you favourite styles for fit and comfort! We will post another blog on Friday at noon with the full collection on. At Friday at noon the full collection will be available to purchase on the following link.. Muppets by Irregular Choice.

Happy Shopping! 

Lottie x