Muppets by Irregular Choice.. The Full Collection

The moment that we have all be waiting for is here!!! 

Over all I would say that the sizing is pretty good! Anything that I have tried on has been fine in my normal size 39. No crazy too big or too small. 

So lets start at the top!!

Irregular Choice Muppet great Gonzo daredevil

The Great Gonzo I think is my absolute favourite of this collection!

The heels are similar fit as they are the same style as the recently released Easy Trapeezy. They are such a fab yellow leather.

The purse is the Iconic Irregular Choice coin purse and the awesome Daredevil bag is the same size and make up as bags such as Perfect Pose. They are a gold fab with a blue fluffy back. The bag also comes with a detachable long strap. The multi-coloured sequin side panels makes the bag me definite favourite. 



Next up is Animal.

irregular choice muppets party animal

They vivid orange fluffy fabric and pink feathers makes these amazing! 

The bag is a hat box shape similar to the Oh my bag from the Mickey Mouse & Friends collection. But this time is comes with straps to transform it into a backpack!!

irregular choice muppets party animal bag

The flats are the same style as the Ground control and Pluto flat from the previous Disney collection. However I do think they come up slightly higher on the foot than these two styles. The side spikes really channel your inner Animal! 

The Animal Louder! Louder! heels are the same style as the previously popular Flaming June minus the ankle strap, but the front platform makes them super comfy and supportive. 

irregular choice muppets party animal irregular choice muppets party animal purse irregular choice muppets louder animal heels

Kermit the Frog.

irregular choice muppets kermit frog

The Kermit flats again are the same style and fit as shoes like Ground Control and Pluto shoes from the previous Disney Collection. They have a fab green glitter front and black sequins on the sides. 

The Kermit Hip Hop Happy Bag is my favourite Kermit piece I think, it comes complete with a polka dot long strap. The reverse of the bag is a gorgeous green metallic fabric with Piggy written in a bubble which is a super cute touch. 

irregular choice muppets kermit bag

The purse is also double sided with the Muppets fabric on the other side to the fab mermaid sequins. 

 irregular choice kermit muppets  irregular choice muppets kermitirregular choice kermit muppets bag

The Miss Piggy Character heel. The Miss Piggy character heel from this collection is used on 3 shoes and its fab!

Irregular choice muppets miss piggy

The 3 styles are Supercouple, Fierce Piggy and All About Moi. The very best thing about these character heels is that you are able to change Miss Piggy's skirt!!! This is brand new for Irregular Choice and its super!! Each pair comes with one spare set of skirts which tie through a little whole on the back and then in a bow, they they are super secure. We wouldn't want Miss Piggy losing her skirt on a night out! Click her to shop Miss Piggy Products.

irregular choice muppets miss piggy irregular choice muppets miss piggy 

irregular choice muppets miss piggy

irregular choice muppets miss piggy irregular choice muppets miss piggy irregular choice muppets miss piggy

irregular choice muppets miss piggy

These Missy Piggy heels, especially the Supercouple heels, match perfectly with another one of their iconic purses, the Supercouple purse. Also the Chez Moi bag I think matches well to few products but definitely these Miss Piggy heels. The Chez Moi bag is again a similar make up to the Cat Call bag so it is super roomy to carry all your goodies. Complete with a long strap.

irregular choice muppets supercouple miss piggy irregular choice muppets miss piggy chez moi


Mahna Mahna is next up. With the iconic Irregular Choice heel this has to be a hit! 

irregular choice muppets mahna

irregular choice muppets mahna

So, the Mahna Mahna heels are on the same unit as styles such as Lady Misty, Starry Night, Trinkletina, Fairies in a Jar and Can't Touch this. So I would say these are another good size, and chunky heel makes them super comfy.

The packpack is amazing and fluffy! With the face being the flap on the front to keep all your goodies safe! And this hides the wonderful surprise lettering and drawstring close.

irregular choice muppets mahna irregular choice muppets mahna

Miss Piggy was bound to feature a lot in this collection and previously in a teaser we saw the Original Diva heels which were similar to the recent Miami heels and is originally a poetic licence shoe. In this teaser we also saw the Hii Yaa Bag, which is another bag similar to the Cat Call bag with long strap.

irregular choice muppets miss piggy

You'll be pleased to here that the Hii Yaa Bag does also have a matching coin purse!!

irregular choice muppets miss piggy irregular choice muppets miss piggy

There is also a fab matching flat to the Hii Yaa Bag which is Her Moi-ness flat. These are the same shape as the sulu flat and similar styles. 

irregular choice muppets miss piggy her moiness

On a similar line i am going to include the very cute Who? Moi? bag which is the doctor style bag just like the size of the Ride on bag.

irregular choice muppets miss piggy who moi irregular choice muppets miss piggy

Finally with the Miss Piggy and Kermit detailing is the She's Hip He's Hop cowboy boot. These are similar shape to the Hot diggety boot from the Mickey and Friends Disney Collection.

irregular choice muppets

The two remaining items from the collection are the Wocka Wocka Bag which its a very large round bag similar to the big Mickey head bag from the previous collection but slightly smaller. Wocka is also printed across the other side of this amazing fluffy bag! And also the Boo! Hiss! flats.

irregular choice muppets wocka

irregular choice muppets boo hiss

The Boo! Hiss! flats obviously feature the Statler and Waldolf characters! These are a similar shape to the sulu flats and Lucifer and Gus shoes from the Cinderella collection.

You can shop the entire collection here! Muppets by Irregular Choice.

Before you enjoy shopping with us I would just like to take a minute to share the soles!