Mr and Mrs Clause

Well here we are again in the silly season time of the year where the pre-Christmas sales start and my bank balance cries out for help on more than one occasion. It's not all doom and gloom tho as Christmas can be one of the best times of year, certainly for me.

It does also mean I get to look forward to my favourite seasonal launch of the year (if only Irregular Choice did Halloween) and we get to feast our eyes on the all new Santa heel for 2017.


There was going a little bit of doubt this year whether or not we were going to be getting a Christmas character heel this year as we got a very early launch of the Christmas flats and reworked dice heel 'Up The Ante'. Everyone including myself thought that it might have been it for this year but I was hoping above hope that we would also get our very own Santa heel.


Irregular Choice didn't disappoint on this one, it has to be the most detailed and intricate upper to date for a pair of Santa heels. Usually its the heel that takes the focus and we are quite happy with a pleasantly simple shoe. This couldn't be more opposite for this pair today. 


On each foot we have a Mr and Mrs Clause lovingly look at each other in beautiful detail. From the stock photos I really wasn't sure how I would feel about these two but in real life they are so much more beautiful than the photos show. 




We all know I'm a sucker for fabric and the variety of ones chosen for these two characters are simply beautiful. They have a small amount of glitter and shine which really makes them stand out for all the right reasons. My favourite part of these shoes (apart from the heel itself) is the tiny little holly on each character with the little beads as berries, its just too cute.


Each shoe is also gifted with a wave of bright green glitter at covering the bottom of each shoe, and right the way up the side. Now don't get me wrong when I first looked at that I thought Irregular Choice had lost it a little bit. It was only when photographing them that I noticed with the red of the toe that they really look like little holly leaves. I have tried my best to show this in a photographs so you can see what I mean. It was only once I saw that, that I was at peace with the decision to put bright green on them. 


Now onto most peoples' favourite part of these shoes. Yes you have guessed it. It wouldn't be Christmas without sitting in front of Love Actually feet up and your shoes flashing away like Blackpool Illuminations. Or maybe that's just my version of Christmas. 



In all seriousness this is something we have come to expect from the festive launch and these did not disappoint in the outrageous stakes. This is the first time we have seen multicoloured lights used in heels. This is something normally reserved for the trainers. I do love the addition of colour on this pair, they really do remind me of Christmas fairy lights with the three bright colours.


I would love to know what you think about the fact that these light up, does it make you love them more? Do you like the colours or would you have preferred an all white show.



Last but not least we are onto our all important sizing and fit advice for these. My normal size is a UK 6.5 and EU40 and while they fit there are a teeny bit loose in bare feet. I imagine these would be perfect with a really thick pair of winter socks. I would say if you are between sizes then size down as they might be a little too roomy for you. 


These are also great for people with wider feet, there is alot of give and flex in the sides of the shoe and would be excellent for those who normally won't think to wear characters. If you do have wide feet tho I would stick with your normal size and not size down for these.


Like previous years these come with a 12cm heel height but lucky for those who don't do tall heels they come with a sizeable hidden platform so they are much more comfortable than say for example Unicorn heels.


Well I hope this blog has got you ready and in the festive mood!