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Hello and Welcome to the first Irregular Choice blog of 2019!




I am so sorry that we have reached March and I haven't given you a single shoe blog to drool over! I'm going to make all the excuses in the world but lets be honest it's not good enough! I will be making it up to you this week with not 1 but two different blogs for you to feast your eyes over.




On the plus side I have been keeping up with this years challenge of doing 365 days of Irregular Choice. I started on the 1st of Feb and have been strictly keeping to that. If you did want to have a look at the challenge I post a new photo every single day. You can follow that journey on Facebook: Here or Instagram: Here




Right now lets get on to the shoes. The pair I'm going to talk about today launched unexpectedly on Friday. Normally we have got into a bit of a routine. The last Friday in every month provides us with a new launch to look forward to. After the doughnut character heels in February I thought we were all going to be safe for a few weeks.




This obviously isn't the case, we are in full swing of the Spring/Summer launch and they are coming though thick and fast. It's already shown us some great pieces and these are no exception.




Glazed and Confused comes in two different colours which strongly remind me of the 'Ice And A Slice' heels from last year. I think the colour palette is very similar on these two pairs and the colour choices throughout both shoes really seem quite similar to me.




We seem to be continuing the food theme too which I love. These shoes ooze everything irregular that you could possibly expect. There is at least seven different coloured glitters on these shoes, and with bits stuck on to them left right and centre they are not for the faint hearted.




The top of the shoe is covered in a giant 3D sweet in the main two colours of the shoe, for this style it is orange and blue which work really well together. Surrounding that is five or six little 3D doughnuts which just made the shoes a little bit more crazy as it adds yet another colour into the mix.




The back of these shoes is just another opportunity for Irregular Choice to add on a little bit more crazy. This time with another giant doughnut. Instead of being 3d this one is stitched into the design using one of the many glitter fabrics. Admittedly at very first glace it doesn't scream doughnut but after a couple of seconds you will wonder why you thought it was anything else.



This is the first pair I have owned in this new platform/open toe style. I must say on first wear they are so so comfy, it barely feels like you have any incline on the heel which is great for those pairs that you just want to wear all day.




I'm completely loving the chunky heel too. This is a new addition to the Irregular Choice heel collection and its something that I am delighted about. We seem to be getting more and more variety of shoe shapes and style which is brilliant.




So I normally get my usual size in everything but this time Lottie suggested I size down in these. I'm so pleased that I did. They fit perfectly. There is not even a hint of them being too small so I would seriously recommend sizing down in these, especially if you are inbetween sizes.




Lastly I want to talk about the dreaded strap! Now in times gone by I would have never considered buying a pair with a strap after too many disappointing experiences. In recent times this has all changed and they styles seem to have been coming out with a slightly longer strap which is brilliant for me. These on the other hand seem to have gone back to ways of the past. You will see from my shoe of the day photos that I got them on but on the very last hole. This is slightly dissapointing as I thought we were getting somewhere. It's also one to be weary of if you have a high instep or like myself quite chunky legs.




So what do you think of these pairs? Do you love them or are they a little bit much for you? I would Love Love Love to know what you think good or bad.




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Thank you so much for reading! <3

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