Fruit Slice

Hello and welcome to another Irregular Choice launch blog!
I was only two weeks since the last launch but this one is looking alot more like launches we are used to seeing.


It's been a good start to the year for those of you who love a mid/low heel as for the second month in a row Irregular Choice have decided to launch a lower character heel. This is something alot of people in the community have been asking for for a long time. I would love to know what you think of the two new character editions.


This collection is made up for 5 different shoes and two bags. Each with a similar heel but a as the name implies a variety of different fruit. We have an orange, lemon and watermelon to choose from. It just so happens that both of today's pairs I am going to talk about have a watermelon heel but that wasn't pre-planned they were just my favourites from the launch.


I went for two completely different pairs to show you this time to give you as much variety as possible before you make your purchase.


The first pair I'm going to talk about are called Summer Fruits. I was instantly drawn to these as green is on of my favourite colours. These are the same design but a different colourway to the ones that were shown as a sneak peek on Wednesday.


My second favourite thing about these shoes was the secondary colour! Rainbow!! What is not to love! Honestly it wouldn't be two fabrics that I would normally put together but I really do feel that they work.


Design wise there isn't that much more to these, we have some sewn on hearts dotted around the uppers to add a little but more of a kitsch feel, and a sturdy strap over the top which is great for keeping the shoes in place.


The second pair I am going to talk about are a little bit wild, even if the colours are a little deceptive. This pair comes in two different varieties, a all singing all dancing bright pair and the more greyscale pair I am having a look at today.


Don't let the colours deceive you, this pair is as irregular as some of the others. It is a complete fabric overload with so many different shimmering and sparkling colours you won't know where to start.


Being completely honest, I feel a little bit like that trying to describe them to you now, so I might have to let the photographs do the talking on this one.



What I will say is, both colours come with a matching back which can be used as an off the shoulder back but then can easily and quickly be converted into a backpack.


The bad is a really nice size, admittedly a little smaller than I was expecting but now that it is here and I have seen it up close it is genuinely a nice size.


Under the flap you will be pleased to know that the bag comes with a zip, which takes away some of the worry about people being able to open the bag without you knowing if wearing it as a backpack.


Back to the shoes. I ordered both pairs in a size 40 which is my normal size and they fit perfectly. The heel height on these is also a modest 7cm which makes them incredibly comfortable, especially for all day wear.


Personally I think these will look brilliant for summer but I would love to know what you think of them? What is your favourite from the collection or the two pairs I have shown you today?


Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed! <3