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Final Bow - Christmas Party Heels


While we wait in anticipation to see if we are going to get any more Christmas Heels I thought I would do a mini blog all about a pair of shoes that would be perfect for any Christmas party and of course brilliantly suited to any time of year.




The pair that I'm going to talk about today are the red version of 'Final Bow' but over the time they have come in a variety of colours from black to peach and silver. I have always seen them in passing but never had the chance to try them on and actually have a pair until now, I was so close to owning the peach pair but missed out last minute.




Now as you know I love everything a little bit outrageous and out there when it comes to Irregular Choice so you might think this won't necessarily fit into that. While you are right it doesn't stop me loving these at all, I find alot of the time if I'm going to a wedding or a special occasion then I want my shoes to be fabulous but without being something people are going to be pointing and staring at me for.




I have a collection of Ban Joes for this very reason, and for this blog I have actually done a couple of comparison photos so you can see what they are like. My red Ban Joes go with me to anything important as almost my lucky Dorothy shoes.




At first I admit I was a bit sceptical on how different they could really be, so I thought it would be nice to do a comparison for all those hardcore Ban Joe lovers like myself.but seeing them side to side I could easily own both and no be worries at all. I do feel the Final Bow are a little more formal for some reason, I think it has to do with the full glitter heel and the bow instead of the plain fabric one.




The bow on these is also smaller and seems alot more delicate as its made out of glitter, with the two straps holding the shoe nicely in place over the foot it all works really well and creates a completely different shape to the shoe.




Previously I have had shoes with this strap before my 'Hello Ha' and they were fine at first but hurt my feet something awful after an hour or two these are so comfortable. My feet slid into them perfectly and the straps didn't feel tight or dig in at all. Being honest these are probably more comfortable than my Ban Joes but shhh... don't tell them I said that!




The heel height for these is around 7cm so the perfect height for those like me who love a good mid-heel. They don't feel too high at all and I find them around the optimum height for me to spend the whole evening in them without needing to sit down all night.




As for sizing, these are a UK 6.5 (EU40) which is my normal size and they fit perfectly, with the little straps at the front they really do feel secure on my feet and I could go out in them without worrying.




So what do you think? Are you tempted by these? These are not currently on the Irregular Choice website but no need to panic, sizes 36-43 can be found at Lottie's Atik - HERE but you might have to be quick!




Thanks again for reading and if you have not yet heard we are running a competition over on our Facebook page to win lots of Irregular Choice and Erstwilder goodies! (HERE)















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