Daisy Dreams


Hello and Welcome! I'm not going to beat around the bush here. We are going to go straight onto the second blog of 2019 and I'm so so so excited to talk about these.




So a little bit of info around my workflow, normally I start by writing down all the little bits of facts and figured about a pair of shoes get them on my feet and start there. Once my 'inspiration' dries up I head off to take the photographs as this is where I will undoubtedly fall in love with a pair of shoes.




Everything I do, everything I work towards is about achieving that perfect image. It's my complete passion and obsession. This is why I am SO excited to talk about these. They photograph so beautifully. Normally I'm quite passive about my opinion, not with these they are everything and I am not even going to apologize if you think these are the most awful things you have ever seen (tho I hope not)




The second I took them out the box I knew they were going in my hall of favourites and after working with them all afternoon I'm blown away. Ok Ok I'm gushing and I will stop but it's all about colours for me and these just tick all my little boxes.




Lets actually talk about the shoes now that I have firmly given my opinion on them. They are a chunky platform boot. Those of you who are eagle-eyes will recognise the style from the recent dumbo launch. (If you wan't to read all about that it's available HERE). So Irregular Choice have done this style before, and in fact have used this image before so what makes them so special?




Honestly I can't really put it into words. These definitely seem a little bit more thought out than some pairs, I will get onto that in a little while. Also for me I do enjoy when things match and these will go perfectly with the bag that's already in my collection.




Design wise there is nothing completely outstanding about these, they are a large glittery boot with a full side dedicated to a large stitched photograph of the Carousel Seahorse we have seen on a few designs. Alot of people think its a unicorn which is understandable from the top half but when you see the full image it is actually a seahorse.




One of the first things I noticed about this is the zip positioning, unlike other pairs where it sits on the inside of your foot this one actually runs down the back which leaves the whole other side for a completely different design.




The inside is covered in a full blown glitter rainbow with the odd silver stitched star to break up the blue background. I really enjoyed taking the photos of the two sides next to each other as they could easily be two completely different shoes. In fact I would happily buy the inside design as a shoe in it's own right.




My initial worry with the zip being at the back is that it would be irritating when wearing them but I must admit when they are on the heel is still very soft and I can't really tell the difference.




I went for my usual size 40 in these which is the same as the Dumbo shoes. I'm pleased to say they are true to size. There is a little but of room for your foot to move around but this is perfect if you would like to wear socks, and personally the fact that they are boots tend to keep my feet in the one position and stops them sliding around.




These are also a great pair for those who love a mid heel. While the heels are 9.2 cm tall the platform is 3.8 cm high which means that in reality they are only 5.4 cm heels. Perfect for all day wear as to be honest they don't even feel that high, they are very comfortable and easy to walk in!




So what do you think? Do you love them as much as I do? It's ok if you don't just let me know what you really think of them! I love hearing people's honest opinions on the styles.




Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

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