Bambi has launched!

The collection is here! Lets run through the styles starting with the teasers!

The first teaser we showed you for the highly anticipated Bambi collection were Prince of the Forest Heels (£169) and the A Woodland Tale Pouch Bag (£59.99). Prince of the Forest shoes are the same heel as previous heels such as Halston, Pucker up, Loren Love and this seasons Pop Kiss. Personally I find them a little on the small side. A Woodland Tale Pouch bag is the similar size to the Toy Story pouch bags and similar in terms as they carry two designs, one on the front and one on the back.


The secind teaser feature the beautiful Sweet As Can Be Flats (£139) and Bag (£165). The flats were personally true to size and are similar to styles such as Sulu and this seasons Mini Mcnutty. The Sweet As Can Be Bag is the same size as some fan favourites like Starry night and King of the Castle Bag. Also this nag has the cutest wired ears!

The latest teaser that we shared with you included the Woodland Playtime boots (£229) and the Woodland Playtime Bag (£159). The boots for me are personally true to size, I imagine if you usually size up in boots (like Miaow) these wouldn't be an exception. The Woodland Playtime bag is awesome with the two conpartments similar to styles like Thermidor, Jus Sayin and the Toy Story Moving Buddies Bag.

The collection features one more bag which I think is my favourite called I'm All Twitterpated Bag (£125)! In terms of the style it is simialr to the mickey bag and the animal bag from the Muppets collection. It has a long strap so you can make it into a crossbod or shoulder bag AND you can also use it to make it into a backpack! 3 in 1!

We also have 3 purses for you to chose from! Sweet as can be purse (£29.99) Darling Deer Purse (£39.99) and Bashful Skunk Purse (£39.99)

The Collection also boasts two pairs of Bambi Tights (£25.99)

So back to shoes, my personal favourite heel is Hyah Bambi (£149) they style and heel is like fav favourites such as Mal E bows and Ascots. They were for me true to size. I love the flower and butterfly details and the different expressions on their faces are the best!

The final pair of heels in the collection are a mid heel call I'm Thumpin (£139) which in terms of style are similar to Kanjanka and Little Misty. Again for me they were true to size. I love the embroidery on the heel of these shoes! The different pictures on the front of these surrounded by the little flowers are super cute! They go perfecly with the other side of A Woodland Tale Pouch Bag.

The last few pieces in the collection are three flats. Sweet Little Prince (£149) which are the same design as the Prince of the Forest high heel so if you loved that design but not the heels then these are for you!! Again true to size for me!

Next up is Bashful Skunk Flats (£139) featuring Flower! The glitter upper and the fluffy Flower detail are just perfect. I love the skunk tail back and heel cover! Again true to size for me!

Finally, Forest friends (£139) have the Bambi fabric as the upper with bows and butterflies on the front but their best bit has to be the Bambi and Thumper head on the heels of these! I love Thumper! Again true to size for me.


I hope this helped! Any other questions you know where to find us! Happy Shopping!! Find all our Bambi pieces here... SHOP NOW